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Meena Jewellers, a brand with history

Meena Jewellers is a decades-long pioneer in the gold and diamond industry of Dubai and one of the first jewellers to set up a Jewellery boutique in Dubai. Our legacy began 30 years ago when two passionate jewellers envisioned establishing a transparent and reliable Jewellery practice. This ambitious vision turned reality through a strong drive, work ethic and a skilled and knowledgeable team of jewellers. The golden spirit of the company has been refined over the years to become one of the most iconic jewellery brands in Dubai.

Our journey of developing this brand started 30 years ago. Two brothers, skilled in the jewellery trade, decided to launch a brand that was focused on delivering unforgettable experiences. They noticed a growing problem where people had to spend large sums of money for fine jewellery and received very little value in return. Leveraging their expertise in the industry they created Meena Jewellers, a brand dedicated to delivering fine jewellery without the astronomical premiums charged by mainstream brands. Their aim was simple, they did not want anyone feel they should compromise the celebration of their accomplishments simply because of the high price points

and compromised value offerings provided by existing players in the industry. Thousands of marriages later, several festivals and celebrations have passed, and Meena Jewellers continues to pay homage to its roots by providing you with the Jewellery you deserve. Whether you are getting married, engaged or simply want something special for yourself we are here deliver you the best-in-class Jewellery and service.

Our renowned and rich legacy continues through our family heritage. The trust for Meena Jewellers is what keeps our customers coming back. The community we have created over these 30 years is our most valuable asset. Our long-standing personal relationships with the most reputed Jewellery manufacturers have given us a level of personal care and customization that very few brands can provide. Our vision going forward is to continue to enrich and grow our legacy by expanding our offerings and delivering an experience rare to find elsewhere.